Starting Solids – Our Journey With Baby Led Weaning and Purees

How exciting – we’ve started solids over here! Woo Hoo!
Like every first-time mom this was a very anticipated and exciting time for both baby and me. I was really looking forward to having our little Nya propped up in her highchair and giving baby led weaning a try.
Just before Nya turned six months, she had her first taste of banana. I opted to give her a taste of fruit first and slowly incorporated Love Child Organics’ Buckwheat & Chia Cereal (this is NOT sponsored BTW)
I had done extensive research on baby food labels and decided that I would mainly give fresh foods, but when I was on the go, I wanted a brand that I could trust and had only the best ingredients. Luckily, I stumbled upon Love Child Organics and found it’s even better than I had hoped and… it’s local!

With trying to incorporate the “baby led weaning approach” combined with purees, I have often received a lot of questions. Baby Led Weaning isn’t a concept that is widely known among all generations and therefore the concern for choking seems to usually arise. To summarize, the whole concept of baby led weaning is that you’re weaning them ONTO food and getting them to self-feed and explore through using their fingers. Before baby turns 1, eating solids is just for fun – meaning that all of their nutrition is mainly from breastmilk and/or formula. If you are wanting more information on this concept or just curious about what it entails, then click here.

Once Nya is seven months she is then able to give THESE a try!I can’t wait to try them myself, they sound yummy. You know you have good baby food when it is, “Mom taste test approved as well!”
Till then, I will continue the mushy, almost pureed foods in combination of attempting the baby led weaning approach, as I believe it makes the most sense and teaches baby some really good principles.

Comment below what was your first foods you served up baby?

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