These are the things that I wish I had done or done more often prior to our bundle of joy arriving. As a first-time mom, you don’t quite know what to expect, you’re in unknown territory. There is lots of advice but you don’t FULLY comprehend how much your life will change until it happens. Not to mention the emotional change you go through. Jot these down and rest assured I will be implementing as many as possible for baby #2. (I mean IF there is baby number 2, right honey?!)

- Enjoy the silence of your home. No really... Read a book or simply do NOTHING and relax, meditate or take a snooze. Enjoy the fact that you can actually do this and be uninterrupted! Don’t take this for granted. This will soon be gone or need to be scheduled in order for you to get some down time.

- Go to the movies. Get VIP Tickets. Heck, make it 3D VIP! My spouse and I didn’t really think about the fact that we could no longer join friends for cheap Tuesday at the movie theatre. Of course, it’s an obvious now, but little babe cannot attend a movie theatre and therefore will be replaced with Netflix on a Tuesday (or everyday lol)

- Get a pedicure and get one again before your due date. This is not a self care task that you will do regularly when baby arrives nor can you bring baby along. Unless, again, done with some scheduling. (See a scheduling pattern here?)

- Book Prenatal Class. This was more for hubby than it was for me and we both agreed it was worth it! We did the 1-day class as we did not have the time to commit to an eight-week course. Not only will this help your anxiety, it will also assist whoever is going to be in the delivery room with you and prep them on how to comfort and support you. If this is also their first time in the delivery room, then they are also unsure of exactly what to do; from positions to positive reinforcements and what to say - this is highly beneficial.

- Attend social engagements. When baby comes, you will be invited to less events or have to say no to certain events due to your baby’s sleep schedule, childcare or due to YOU just needing SLEEP! So, while pregnant, attend those events with friends. Yes, you will be the designated driver most of the time but get dressed up, put some nice flats on and have FUN! One of my most memorable outings was attending an all girls Christmas Party! I was the bartender and I had a blast. So be social, see your friends and enjoy this time with them. Take your bump out on the town.

- Wash Baby Clothes.4-6 weeks before baby comes, wash your newborn & 0-3 clothes. You won’t want to spend time doing laundry the week you bring your little babe home and they may not fit newborn clothes. Be prepared.

- Buy baby basics. Buy diapers & wipes every time they’re on sale. Better yet, buy them with a coupon while on sale each time (such a score) and you will have a stock pile by the time baby comes and aren’t forced to buy them at regular price. They go on sale often so prepare while pregnant. I highly recommend Superstore & of course Costco (Costco wipes are the bomb and are the only wipes used in our house)

- Be open minded about breastfeeding. I will be sharing my breastfeeding journey in a future blog post. Till then, boy, is breastfeeding a skillset. The friends that I spoke to about it agreed that it isn’t something you usually master as soon as baby pops out. Just know, that when baby does arrive, the most important thing is that they are being fed and they are healthy. The less expectations you have about motherhood overall the less stressed out you will feel. (Not to mention setting the bar too high and feeling like you’re failing.. Which for the record, remember that you are not. You just birthed another human being! You.Are.AMAZING!

- Spend time with your partner. In my case, this was my husband. Spend time with them, enjoy Friday night’s going for dinner, hanging out at home and be on the same page of how you want to feel supported and keep that open communication for when baby arrives. You will feel a surge of various emotions once baby arrives and it’s important that your partner is aware of post partum depression and how to check in with you and ensure your mental health is 100%. This is something you can start discussing while pregnant and involve your partner so that they feel included as you expand your family and start a new journey together.

Really, in the end, nothing can make you fathom the amount of love, joy and happiness you are about to feel. You are going to go through a rollercoaster of emotions especially in the first week of bringing baby home. But, every stretch mark and labour pain will make it all worth while. In fact, you will be crazy enough to tell your partner you may want another one sooner than you think. Enjoy being pregnant because soon enough your baby will be earth side and you’ll look back at photos thinking how incredible it is that you carried that baby inside you <3

- Tamara Xo


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