This post is long overdue but it’s time I finally share my First Birthday Party Prep List! I wrote this along the way and it’s finally ready to be shared with all of you.

Earlier in the year…..
It’s finally time to plan her FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY! This birthday will be mainly family oriented, she is 1 and doesn’t have many friends just yet haha. I want to throw a bigger party since it is her first one and am already foreseeing future birthdays be much more intimate family gatherings. But, for this one, we wanted to invite all of our friends and family.

As a first time mom, I am not the most experienced when it comes to throwing baby birthday parties. However, with the help of the internet, pinterest and some great creative brainstorming sessions, these are my helpful tips!Comment below if you have any ideas or suggestions that I have missed.

1) Pick a theme or color scheme. This could be something as simple as picking some colors to integrate into the decor or a theme like unicorns, trucks, monsters ect.

2) Make a guest list. This one is important as you need to know where you will be hosting the party. Will it be at a family members house in their clubhouse, a community recreation centre, a local hall or at your church?If this is your babies first birthday know that it can be more of a social lunch or dinner than a party with games. In fact you really don’t even need to have any games if it’s for a baby. So take the stress off yourself mama.

3)Make a menu with estimated amounts of each food depending on guest total.

4)Pick out and order your cake, if you’re doing a smash cake and ofcourse if you’re choosing to do goody bags or thank you gifts. A great alternative to goody bags is sugar cookies of your childs initials or match the theme if you have one.

5)Games if you choose to do so along with what prizes you will need. (Prizes not necessary if you are setting up some games around the party for kids)

6)Map of the room with placement of tables, chairs, food , gifts area, games, kitchen ect.

7)Now that you’ve made a map of the room, now you can list all the decor as well as where it is going on the same map. Then you essentially have an order list (which you can maybe all order online from partycity ect)

8)Outfits. What is your little and the rest of your family going to wear?Planning this in advance can take the guesswork leading up to the event and can ensure it arrives on time.

9)Invitations. Are you e-viting everyone, do you have their email address? Are you making a facebook group? Both are free but taking the time to ensure you have everyone on facebook or their email address can be time consuming so get on this now.

10)As mama bear think if theres anything you can take off your plate the day off. Hair / make up artist? Anything that you can do to make it easier the day off.

Now get planning and have fun! No matter what happens the day of, it’ll be memories for a lifetime and everyone will cherish celebrating your little one’s special day!