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I don’t think you understand the struggle of thinking of meals to feed your little one until you become a mom. It was a constant discussion in this house until I really sat down and thought of new foods to incorporate into our weekly rotation.

I know I’m not alone when it comes to my toddler’s ever changing taste buds – one day they like something, the next day they don’t. (What is up with that?!)

Anyways, here is my toddler dinner round up which are toddler approved and therefore make mommy happy too!

1. Tofu sauteed (or cold if you’re my daughter), rice with steamed buttered broccoli
2. Pinto Bean & Cheese Quesadilla with Greek Yogurt on the side for dipping
3. Spinach & Cheese Ricotta with butter or olive oil, Cucumber & Hummus
4. Pureed Cooked Edamame and Squash Blended with non dairy milk & scoop of cream cheese= makes a delicious soup my daughter goes banana’s for
5. Vegetarian spaghetti with garlic bread (Crust removed)
6. Greek salad with pasta and greek dressing
7. Fried Rice with scrambled egg, soya sauce, frozen mixed veggies
8. Grilled Cheese sandwich with cucumber sticks and hummus
9. Lentil Pasta, Avocado sticks with greek yogurt
10. Lentil Soup with bread roll ups (pureed veg as filling and butter)

What are your favorite dinner meals to feed your little one? Let me know by commenting below!

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