When I look back to the beginning of my pregnancy the first and most repeated piece of advice was “You’re going to love motherhood, it’s going to change you and your going to love it! “In hindsight, I never REALLY grasped the concept until the moment I met our sweet lil Nya. (I will share my labour and delivery experience & story in a future blog)

It HAS changed me in so many ways and I am so grateful for that. And that is one of the inspirations of this blog; my daughter, Nya. To write and document being a first-time mom, life of a career girl who is enjoying a 1-year maternity leave! (Thank you Canadian Government) beauty and of course food.

I want to be a resource for other moms whether it be on products I found useful, tips and tricks and of course to be a support network for others that can relate to me and vice versa.  I hope you can have some laughs and allow me to share my life with you

Tamara XO

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