I’ve been a first time mom for over 90 days now (cue the clapping). Through trial and error, here are the baby products I have found useful from newborn till 3 months. (This is not a sponsored post). Feel free to comment below and share what is on your baby must have list


Thankfully I purchased this second hand and saved so much money. I highly recommend to buy second hand whenever possible. You use MOST products for such a short amount of time due to babies growing so fast and not to mention it’s better for the environment to re-use! This pump was quick and efficient, especially because I could pump both sides at the same time! I also recommend waiting till after you have your baby to ensure you can breast feed.


This is used on the regular with my little girl. If we are out in public and in between stores for example this is what soothes her instantly till I can get her out of the carseat for a feeding. I have also read that it is recommended to have them learn how to soothe themselves with a soother instead of just sucking on their hands, as you can one day take away the pacifier but not their thumb if they’ve grown accustomed to using it regularly.

3.Itzy Ritzy Milk Boss Cover

This multi functional cover transforms from a breast feeding cover, carseat cover  and more! This is so handy to use and to keep with me in the diaper bag at all times!

4.Dr Brown’s Bottle

I love the sleek and slim design which makes it easy to hold. They have prevented Nya from being fussy due to gas and colic with their patented design. Had no issues getting Nya used to the Dr Brown’s nipple as early as week 1 even though she was also being breast fed. The thinner build of these bottles also allows baby to rest their hand on the bottle in preparation to hold the bottle.


This has been very convenient when walking around downtown Vancouver or going to a friend’s bbq. It’s practical and worth every penny! If you have this carrier you don’t need a sling or wrap.


The buying decision was made on this travel system because a) I could physically lift this into my SUV Alone and was tested while I was 7 months pregnant.  it weighs around 18 lbs and was very similar to a jogging stroller but LIGHTER! and b) it folded up with a click of a button! SOLD! You may have a personal preference and design/ color, but just make sure you test it out in store. Give it a spin and attempt to lift up as if you’re putting it in your vehicle or carrying it up stairs ect.


The hubby was really iffy on getting a baby monitor that had Wi Fi capability so we opted for the V Tech Baby Monitor with dual cameras and one screen. I knew I wanted to be able to see Nya when she was sleeping and not just have the audio or wake her up by going into the room.

8.TOMMEETIPPEE COMFI NECK BIB If you’re a first time mom like me you’re probably thinking who and what is Tommee Tippee?! I have no clue, all I know is that these bibs are LIFE! Who would have thought that all bibs are NOT created equal. These slide under babies chin, are super thick, absorbent and catch any drips preventing milk being saved as a snack for later. THESE.ARE.A.MUST.

What must have’s worked for you and your little one?

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