Photography by James Manzano

This blog post is for the FUTURE baby mama’s.

I have had many of my single friends and “in a relationship” friends say “it’s not the right time”, “I’m not ready yet”, “I don’t want to give up my freedom” or “I need to save first”. And while I do agree, you need to WANT a baby there is actually no RIGHT or PERFECT time. I mean, sure you can be traditional like my spouse and I and get married first. Maybe enjoy being married for a few years, try to save up, but the truth is, there isn’t really a point in time that you’re necessarily going to have all your ducks in a row at one given time. There will always be the need for constant change, constant improvement and the desire to have more money saved up in the bank. My husband and I got married on May 22, 2016, two days later we flew away to Europe for a 20-day Honeymoon hitting London, Rome, Venice, Florence, Pisa and Paris.

We both knew that trying to start a family that year was important to us both and we ought to use the best of the honeymoon. (In case we wouldn’t be taking any big annual trips the following year) I am just a few years older than my spouse but I wasn’t too sure with approaching my mid 30’s how long it would take to conceive.

Photography at our wedding by John Bello

We were home from our honey moon at the end of June and by mid July I was pregnant (Woo hoo)- I was so happy! I was thinking “Oh my gosh, this is it! We’re going to have a BABY and I’m going to be a MOM” I had dreamt of getting pregnant, telling Jordan and finally starting our little family.

Fast forward to our darling daughter at 5 months, I think, you will never be rich enough, have a large enough house or have traveled every single place on your list. I still intend on travelling; however, the trips will be adjusted of course but that doesn’t mean we can’t still go on an annual vacation. So, I hope this reinforces any of you doubtful ladies. Life is too short and once you get that baby in your arms you will never say “I wish I had you next year because I really want to go travel” or “I wish I saved up more money before having a baby because I really want to go on a makeup shopping spree” because the truth is, there is never a perfect time, however there is such thing as the perfect baby and that is only yours.


-Tamara Xo

Photography by James Manzano