How To Get Your Toddler To Enjoy Reading | Top 6 Tips

With our sweet babe at 21 Months, I can excitedly and proudly say, SHE LOVES BOOKS!
And I don’t just mean looking at books and staring at the pictures, she genuinely asks Mama or Dada to read to her, which includes her nestled into our lap. Now, I’m no parenting expert but I do feel I have some helpful tips & suggestions for other mama’s who have a baby on the way or a toddler who won’t sit still for a good book.

Here is what worked for us.

1.Start NOW
There is no such thing as reading to your baby too early. So START NOW! Whether they’re still in your womb (yes, that’s right!) or already earth side. Start reading. Read different styles of books, picture, comics, novels, whatever it is, they can hear you 🙂

2. Introduce Different Types of Books
Introducing different types of books on a variety of topics will foster an environment of increased vocabulary. I noticed when Nya was a baby that we were growing our library but it was concentrated mostly on farm animals. So it was a lot of repetition in words no matter what book we read. I started becoming more conscious on the books we were collecting. Instead of reading all about farm animals each day, we would read anything from space, plants, body parts and more!

3. Variety in Illustrations
I look for a variety of books ranging from simple picture books to beautiful detailed illustrations. This enables the opportunity to discuss a wider variety of topics while showing different styles of art (the picture books can also get redundant). Indigo has such a great variety of books to offer for children! As soon as I enter the kids section I am drawn towards loads of specific books! Our current favorite is the Usborne Lift a Flap Books which are so educational and the lift a flap makes it even more enjoyable and fun. (I’ve linked these below for ya)

4. Read Daily
Start reading everyday. We ready every night but we also have “reading time” during times where maybe Mama needs to cook dinner and needs something to keep babe’s attention. What has worked for us are these – search and find books

5. Introduce Paperbacks Too!
Your child will naturally find books that appeal to them more than others. One thing I have found is introducing books that are intended for older children seem to really interest her. We don’t necessarily read every word every time, so get creative. Make up your own story line by following the pictures or summarize each page. Yes, the paperbacks might get a tad wrinkled and maybe even ripped the odd time but it will encourage reading and will peak their interest as a change from the every day board book.

6. Make it FUN
Always make reading fun, interactive and playful. If you make reading a chore or something that is perceived as negative from a young age, they will continue to view it as such. This should be never be forced so that your child always views reading as a positive and looks forward to this time with you and eventually grows into an independent reader.

Here are some of our Favorites ( we just had to get some classics from when Mama/Dada were little
1. Brown Bear Brown Bear
2.The Wonderful World of Jillian Jiggs
3.Search and Find Minnie Mouse
4.Little Critter Books
5.Llama Llama Red Pajama
6. Pout Pout Fish
7.If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
8.Usborne Lift a flap books (Check Costco also)

Those are my tips and what has worked for us and our (almost) 2 year old.

Comment below what tips and tricks you use to introduce reading to your little one.

Good luck!

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  1. Excellent tips! Baby Nya is growing so quickly! So proud that she’s becoming quite the book worm =)

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