It has almost been 1 month since I’ve started this blog so I thought it would be an appropriate time to do a Q & A and share a little more about myself, my family and our adventure together.

Q: Why did you start your blog?

A: I started this blog for a few reasons. I was pregnant thinking how much I know I will want to look back at my first pregnancy, first born child, her first birthday ect. I loved the thought of documenting my daughter’s life and my transition into becoming a great mama bear to her. I also wanted to have something as a hobby that I could do during my 12month mat leave. Something to do as a way to relax, unwind, and enjoy. I was previously working a busy, corporate job and figured I could handle having a baby and starting a blog. In hindsight, I didn’t know how much I’d enjoy writing and just how much time and effort would go into it. I want to be able to look back at my blog as if it’s an online photo album and portfolio that I can share with my family.

Q: How old are you?

A: I am just over the 30 age mark.I believe in staying young at heart by stressing out as little as possible, keeping a positive outlook on life and living with gratitude/Kindness. (The last one probably the most important)

Q: What is the most misunderstood trait about you?

A: Surprisingly to some people that I am both shy at certain times but in other situations be super extrovert. All depends on the environment and how I am feeling. (I’m a Gemini)

Q: How many kids do you have and what are their names?

A: I have a baby and her name is Nya. It’s an African name which means purpose. In Japanese, it also is ” meow” I chose that name many years ago when meeting someone while in Mexico that had that name. I knew I wanted to name my first daughter that ever since. I just needed to convince my husband for the entire pregnancy. <3

Q: What is your background?

A: I am half Japanese (father’s side) and French (mother’s side)

Q: What is the hardest thing about starting a blog?

A: Ensuring to set aside time to plan the next month(s) in advance. When the shoots are, what blog topics, what emails to send, staying on top of your current email ect. I assume this will only get more challenging if I don’t continue to work on my organization as time goes on.

Q: Where is your favorite destination that you have traveled to?

A: This is a hard one to choose, but I’d probably say Greece. I love their lifestyle, their approaching to work/life balance, the architecture and food are AMAZING!

Q: What is your favorite food?

A: I am a foody so I will have to give a few answers here. I love Mexican, Italian and Greek. Anything from those three backgrounds. I also love ice cream.

Q: Are you a vegetarian or vegan?

A: I am vegetarian while eating majority of the time  plant based. I would rather stay away from the strict labels but no,I do not eat any meat. (In a future blog post I’ll share my decision on this ect)

Well I think that sums it up for the first round of my Q & A. Feel free to send me some more questions through the contact tab or below in the comments

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