First Time at the Pumpkin Patch as a Family of Three

This was our first time visiting the pumpkin patch as a family of three. Every year Jordan and I visit a local pumpkin patch, hand select our pumpkins and have a carving competition. (I won the last year obvs)This year we decided to visit Tave’s Family Farms – Pumpkin Patch and of course take some cute family photos. We had such a great time visiting Tave’s Family Farm so I thought I’d highlights my favorite things about our day with you so you and your family can plan a trip there this month!

– Apple Cidar Slushies; these were so delicious, please have one for me when you go.
– U pick Apples; you can hand pick many different type of apples yourself, just pluck them from a tree. How fun and great for your littles to get involved too.
– Hayrides; what kids don’t enjoy hayrides? Get to tour the farm and see many 4 legged animals along the way
– Petting Zoo; yes, thats right, a complete petting zoo with a bridge archway so that you can see some of the goats trot across the farm
– Pumpkin Patch; rows upon rows of pumpkins. All for getting the perfect photo for the gram and memories to last a lifetime.
– Inflated Pillow Trampoline; this is something that Nya will love next year, I can’t wait!

There is lots more to see and do here and I cannot wait to make this our annual Pumpkin Patch that we visit going forward.

What do you love most about visiting the pumpkin patch?

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