1 Kitty Toque 2 Red Plaid Dress 3 Denim Dress 4 Headbands 5 Striped Pants 6 Floral Onesie 7 Suede Booties 8Polka Dot Booties 9 Tights 10 Collared Shirt 11 Blue Plaid 12 Faux ur Vest 13 Three Piece 14 Jeans 15 Burgundy Onesie 16 Green Jacket 17 Kitty Onesie

Fall is upon us which means time for some warmer, darker and comfier clothing for you and your baby girl. Here are some of my favorites for this season that are  some of my favorite shops when searching for the perfect outfit for Miss Nya! Just click on the clickable links above for each corresponding piece.

Happy Fall Shopping!





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