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SLEEP..Something most of us moms rarely get and yet manage to still function, keep the house tidy and most importantly keep our tiny humans alive and thriving.
Pre-pregnancy, I was expecting to have a lack of sleep, irregular meals and LOADS of caffeine (which I didn’t mind because I am a coffee-atic). What I didn’t FULLY understand was how much hormones affect you or even what it does to your mental state, especially when low on sleep and going through so many life changes, like bringing your baby home. Like most moms I’ve talked to, I had a co-sleeper bassinet that went in the middle of my husband and I, I had no intentions of actually removing the bassinet and having baby sleep in the bed directly with us.. but, that is exactly what happened.

Let me take you back to week 1 of bringing our sweet sweet Nya home.
I probably cried 3 x a day for the first week – no joke. My baby wasn’t latching, she was hungry, I was tired and that combo just didn’t jive. I was breaking down to my hubby about failing in the breast feeding department, something I had set my heart on and I was told I needed to turn to formula (which I wasn’t planning on using). I was a mess! We had visitors upon visitors which is, of course nice, but also very draining. Everyone wants to see the baby, but of course no one is asking ” How is your mental health?” or “Are you doing okay?” (Well that’s a lie, a few mom friends did – Thank YOU!) My supportive husband was amazing during this phase and reassured me every time, that it would be okay and off we went to the breastfeeding clinic (a lifesaver!)

So long story short, because of the lack of feeding, baby was a bit cranky and sleep wasn’t something that was happening on the regular in week 1 for baby and I. I was honestly thinking at this point, is this what the next year of my life looks like? I’m never going to make it!

I couldn’t help but think this is how life would be FOREVER! We started off using a co Sleeper bassinet which worked initially and was very convenient for transporting and using at the grandparents. However, this eventually transitioned into co sleeping because of middle of the night feeds. It made it easy for me to just roll over and go back to sleep. It was also comforting to know I got to snuggle with my baby girl every night. Keep in mind, we have a king size bed, I’m a light sleeper and I’m fully aware, with my arm around baby girl and hubby on the other side. And, in terms of safety (I know what some of you are thinking), this worked for us and I also knew baby would be safe.

Fast forward to now, our sweet baby girl Nya, is 6 months and has co slept with us all the way through. I think I am FINALLY ready to start having her nap in the crib during the day and slowly transition to full nights in the crib as well. Now, this isn’t easy – this is something that is seriously so sad to me but I know she isn’t getting enough sleeping during the day because I allow her to nap in the living room in her mamaroo.

I’ve been questioned, or given the “What? You co sleep? You’re spoiling her and you’re never going to get her to sleep in her crib. That’s crazy.” But, you know what I think is more crazy? I’ll be going back to work in just under 6 months from now. Everyday, five days a week and never will I get the chance to co-sleep everyday and spend a year with her. So I am going to enjoy this time, and not feel shamed or guilty because I co-sleep or because I didn’t transition her to the crib on her 6th month birthday. I’m never going to look back on my first born and think, “Gee, I wish I didn’t get to cuddle her each night and spend all the time I could with her” – I am savoring every minute! So, for my fellow first time mama’s, do your best, do what feels right and go easy on yourself! As for us and sleep training, I will be sure to update the blog on our progress!

A few references I found really beneficial that I wanted to share with other first time mama’s:

– This book is currently the book my husband and I are reading! There is also a free quiz on the website as well if your baby is already earth side!

– This book stays in the living room with us and I am constantly referencing it each week on what else I need to research on

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