Videography by the talented James Manzano

Special Thanks to Ari & Rylie for featuring in the video with their mama’s!

I’m BACK! After a hiatus due to an injury, returning back to work from mat leave and well, just plain and simple LIFE! I am finally returning back to my blog. Hopefully I’ll be much more consistent this time around now that I have my back injury under control (more on that later) and have finally got into my groove of work/life balance!

I love documenting my families life through story telling, photos and video. The joy it brings me looking back on old memories, connecting with other mama’s around the world is so incredible. The internet is an AHHMAZING tool. So stick around for an update on what my family and I have been up to, how we’ve been managing work/toddler life and the transition to daycare.
And please reach out and say hello! I love hearing from you 🙂 Send me a quick email or connecting via my socials down below!

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